19_Triple strand necklace with glass and semi-precious stones, pearls, metals and crystals $75
02_Heart double strand, miscellaneous $40 SOLD LD
03_ Shells, Seed Pods, Sea Urchin spine centerpiece $35
04_Vintage blue and silver glass beads, silver plated beads, with matching earring set $45
05_Vintage beads $40
06_Vintage bronze casted heart $30
07_Teal dichroic pendant $25
08_ Purple coyote dichroic pendant $25
09_ Gold and black dichroic pendant $25 SOLD JL
10_ Silver plated hollow heart pendant with faux pearls inside, chains $35
11_resin green round with butterfly pendant $30
12_square resin pendant with dried flowers  $30
13_resin dried Autumn leaf pendant $30
14_resin leaves and green sprig pendant $30
15_ resin Autumn leaves and dried flower $30
16_ resin leaves and other dried plants $30
17_resin pink daisy $30
18_Sterling silver and jade necklace $60 SOLD LD
19_knotted Chinese vintage blue and white glass bead necklace $45
22_ Sterling silver and semi precious stones: quartz, carnelian, rose quartz, citrine, green turquoise 14" $125
22_another view. Please see description on previous image
23_Vintage white glass beads and seed beads $45
24_ Vintage knotted heavy Chinese cloisonné beads $45
25_ Matching set - knotted satin cord, vintage painted porcelain beads
01. Tree of Life Sterling earwire $30
02_ Native wood bears and quartz 14K gold filled earwire $40
03_22K gold vermeil chandelier and ear wire, faceted Labradorite drops, gold/red pearls 2" $45. SOLD RC
04_ 22K gold vermeil chandelier and ear wire, pearls 1.75" $45
05_Bronze and glass. Fun big. 14K gold-filled ear wires. 2.5".
06_Rutilated crystal, 18K gold vermeil,14K gold-filled ear wire. 1.5". $35
07_Ametrine, 14K gold-filled ear wire 1.5"
08_ Copper turquoise, sterling silver ear wire
09_ 3D Buddha head earrings, base metal and chain
10_Faceted aqua chalcedony, 14K gold-filled ear wire 1.25"
11_Tiny faceted chalcedony beads wrapped around hoop. Gold plated, 14K gold-filled ear wire. 1"
12_ Tiny faceted light chalcedony beads wrapped around hoop, gold plated, 14K gold-filled ear wire, 1"
$35. SOLD
13_fused dichroic glass on black, sterling silver ear wire, .5"
14_flat silver curlycues, sterling silver ear wire, 1"
15_ Giant Gold plated and patinaed ginkgo leaves, 14K gold-filled ear wire, 3" wide.
16_Bronze, base metal, Pearls, 14K gold-filled ear wire 1.25" $35 SOLD
17_gold pearl, mixed metals, 14K gold-filled ear wire  1.25"  $35 SOLD LD
17_Native wood lizard gold pearl sterling silver wire $52
19_ Long brass mixed metal and pearls, 14K gold-filled ear wire 3.25" $48
20_Sterling silver chain and wire, and pearls 1.75" $35
21_ Brass Patina-ed leaf, Czech glass, base metal 1.75"  $35
22_Long thin feather patina, 14K gold ear wire, 2"  $30
23_Silver dichroic fused glass, sterling silver ear wire, .75" $30
24_Brass patina dragonfly circles with Czech glass, 14K gold-filled wires 2" $35
25_Silver plated flower and chains, sterling silver ear wire, 3" $30
26_Sterling silver wire and Balinese disc, pearls 1.5" $48
27_Tiger eye drops, sterling silver ear wire, 1.5" $27
28_ tiny brass patina dragonflies, 14K gold-filled ear wire .5" $30 SOLD
29_22K gold Venetian glass hearts, sterling silver wires. 1" $37 SOLD JD
30_ Vintage crystal, pearls, sterling silver 1.5" $42
31_Fun wire pearls Loops, Sterling silver ear wire 1.5"  $30 SOLD
32_Brass, tiger eye, jasper, 3" $38
33_Amethyst, copper, base metal, 1.5" $30
34_ Pink tourmaline, carnelian, 14K gold-filled wires, 1"  $35 SOLD
35_Florite hearts, amethyst, sterling silver 1.25"  $38
36_Silver plated Moon Sun (reversable) Sterling silver, 1"
37_Large pearls and natural mother of pearl, Sterling silver wire 3.5" $125
38_ Labradorite, 18K Gold plated, 14K gold-filled ear wire 1.5" $35
39_ Faceted Chalcedony rose gold-filled wire, chain and findings 1.25" $45
40_ Faceted Chalcedony, antiqued silver wires and chain, 1.5" $40
41_Orange dichroic fused glass .5" $25 SOLD JD
42_ Chalcedony gold plated hoops, 14K gold ear wire 2" $30 SOLD
43_22K gold vermeil, faceted Chalcedony, Apatite, 14K gold-filled wire. 2" $45
44_ Celtic knot wood with jasper 14k gold-filled wire $35
45_ long white glass balls chain with gold plated wire, 14K gold filled ear wire, 2"  $30
46_Long pyrite drop, Sterling silver and mini faceted pyrite chain, 2.25" $48
47_Raw pearl and sterling silver, 1.25"  $38
48_Sterling silver wire and chain, pearls 1.25"  $37 SOLD
49_ Silver plated "All you need is Love", sterling silver wire, vintage crystal, 2.75". $38
50_ Faceted Tourmaline briolettes, 22K gold vermeil, 14K gold-filled ear wires .75"  $43. SOLD
51_ Brass leaf, faceted turquoise, rose gold-filled ear wire 1.25" $35
52_brass birdies with 22K gold vermeil chain with glass tiny beads, 14K gold-filled ear wire .5" $37
53_ Silver plated roses, Sterling silver ear wire  .5" $30
54_ 22K gold green tiny Venetian glass hearts, sterling silver wire .5" $35
55_Long silver hearts, sterling silver wire 1" $30
56_ Florite and sterling silver 1.25" $40
57_ Plump little brushed finish gold plated hearts, 14K gold-filled wire .5" $35
58_ 22K gold Murano glass discs - .75" in diameter, 22K gold vermeil and 14K gold ear wire $40
60_Brass base metal, pearls, faceted pyrite, 14K gold-filled wire 1.5" $35
61_ Faux pearl with silver cross Sterling silver wire 2" $35
62_ER_62 22K Balinese gold vermeil with rice pearls, 14K gold-filled ear wire 1.5" $45
63_ Rutilated quartz, carnelian, sterling silver 1.25" $40
64_ 22K Gold vermeil over sterling silver chandelier earrings, pearls 2.5" $62
65_Resin, dried flowers, sterling silver ear wires 1.25" $35
66_ Chrysoprase, chalcedony, sterling silver 1.75" $42
67_ Amazonite,18K gold plate 2" $35
68_ Florite, sterling silver 1.25" $40
69_ 22K gold Murano Glass, 14K gold ear wire .25" $35
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Vintage and  found  pieces,  recycled  items,  new  and  vintage  chain.   22K  and  24K  gold vermeil,  14K  gold-filled,  pure  or  sterling  silver, Venetian glass,  pearls,  garnet,  coral,  other semi-precious  stones,  dried  flowers  and  plants,  brass,  copper,  and  resin  technique.
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